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manual de instruçõesHitachi CP-AW251NM
Projection DistanceDimensionsDimensions345mm (13.6")303mm (11.9")192mm (7.6")130mm (5.1")72mm (2.8")308mm (12.1")102mm(4.0")132mm(5.2")• The projected images and comparison photos in this catalog are simulations.
• LCD panels, polarizers and other optical components and cooling fans may need replacement after prolonged usage. For more details, please consult a Hitachi
sales representative.
• Do not use in places where there is a lot of water, dampness, steam, dust, soot or tobacco smoke. This may result in fire or malfunction.
• Optical components (lamp, LCD panel, polarizing plate, PBS [polarizer beam splitter]) have limited service lives. They must be repaired or replaced if they are
used for a long period of time.
• These projectors use a mercury lamp with high internal pressure. Because of its properties, this lamp may burst with a loud noise or burn out if struck or after
it has been used for a period of time. The time until it bursts or burns out varies greatly according to differences between lamps and usage conditions.
Turning the lamp’s power on and off frequently shortens its service life.
• Optical components other than the lamp: If the projector is used for six hours or more per day, they may need to be replaced in less than a year.
• LCD panel: If the projector is used continuously for six hours or more, its replacement cycle may be shortened.
• Do not turn projector on again for ten minutes after shutdown. Neglect can shorten the lifetime of the lamp. During use and immediately after use, do not touch
anywhere near the lamp and the vents as these parts are extremely hot. • Microsoft
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are trademarks, or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.• Intel
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are registered trademarks or trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated in the United States and/or other countries.• Apple
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are registered trademarks of Apple Inc.
• HDMI, the HDMI Logo, and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
• eBeam, the eBeam logo and eBeam Enabled are trademarks or registered trademarks of Luidia, Inc.• All other trademarks are the properties of their respective owners.• Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Remote control warning: Do not look into the laser beam. Class 2 Laser product; maximum output 1mW; wavelength 650nm.
Wall mount unit: included with CP-AW2519NM/CP-AW251NM/CP-A301NM/CP-A221NM, optional with CP-AW2519N/CP-AW251N/CP-A301N/CP-A221N.
The tabletop use kit is optional.
Model name
Liquid crystal panel
Number of pixels
Digital zoom
Light output (brightness)
Contrast ratio
Keystone correction
Power supply
Operating temperature
Agency certifications
Dimensions (WxHxD)
Standard accessories
Optional accessories
Computer input
Video input
Video input
Audio input
Computer input
HDMI input
Audio output
Monitor output
Wired network (LAN)
Mic. input
210W UHP
2,000:1 (Presentation mode)
Manual Horizontal/Vertical Keystone
NTSC, NTSC4.43, PAL, SECAM, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL (60Hz) 480i@60, 480p@60, 576i@50, 576p@50, 720p@50/60, 1080i@50/60, 1080p@50/60
S-Video: Mini Din 4-pin x 1, Composite video: RCA jack x 1, Component video: via Mini-Dsub x 2
Stereo Mini jack x 2, RCA jack x 2 (L/R)
Analog RGB: 15-pin Mini-Dsub x 2
HDMI x 1 (HDCP compliant)
RCA jack x 2 (L/R)
Analog RGB: 15-pin Mini-Dsub x 1
9-pin Dsub x 1 for RS232C
RJ-45 x 1
Mono Mini jack x 1 (compatible with dynamic microphones and unbalanced signal lines)
Lamp: DT01251, Filter set: UX37191, Laser remote control: HL02651 (RC-R008), Tabletop use kit: TT-251
5-35°C/41-95°F (For interactive
function: 16-35°C/61-95°F)
USB type A x 1 (for PC-less presentation),
USB type B x 1 (for USB display or USB
mouse control, and interactive function)
UL/cUL, FCC Part15 class A,
345 x 102 x 303mm (13.6" x 4.0" x 11.9")
[excluding protruding part, when mirror is closed.]
Approximately 4.1kg (9.0 lbs.)
Remote control (Part#: HL02772) with
two AA batteries, Power cord, Computer cable,
USB cable, Interactive Pen*
, two AAA batteries
and the tip of the pen for exchange,
Cable cover, User’s manuals, Security label,
Software applications (CD x 1, DVD x 1),
Wall mount unit and user’s manual
, Sensor cover
0.59 type (inch), 1.5cm polysilicon active-matrix TFT x 3
1,024,000 pixels (H1280 x V800)
1280 x 800 color pixels (WXGA)
2,500 Lumens
0.63 type (inch), 1.6cm polysilicon active-matrix TFT x 3
786,432 pixels (H1024 x V768)
1024 x 768 color pixels (XGA)
3,000 Lumens
USB type A x 1 for PC-less presentation,
USB type B x 1 for USB display, USB mouse control
UL/cUL, FCC Part15 class A, AS/NZS CISPR22 class A,
345 x 85 x 303mm (13.6" x 3.3" x 11.9")
[excluding protruding part, when mirror is closed.]
Approximately 3.8kg (8.4 lbs.)
Remote control (Part#: HL02772) with two AA batteries,
Power cord, Computer cable, Cable cover, User’s manuals, Security label,
Application CD, Wall mount unit and user’s manual
2,200 Lumens
1 If the mouse cursor or drawing image does not match the actual pen tip point perfectly, please calibrate again to optimize the interactive system.
2 Standard accessories, like power cord, vary across regions or countries.
3 Depending on surface textures of screens or walls, etc. where images are projected, abrasion of the interactive pen tip may be accelerated, resulting in the need for pen tip exchange.
4 Optional with CP-AW2519N/CP-AW251N/CP-A301N/CP-A221N
Compliance with EU Directive RoHS*
Reduction of CO2 emissions
Carton volume has been cut down to 60% (CP-AW2519N/CP-AW2519NM)/40% (CP-AW251N/CP-AW251NM/CP-A301N/CP-A301NM/CP-A221N/CP-A221NM)*
, reducing CO2 emissions during transport.
Power saving mode engaged
during standby
Eco mode
Eco mode provides power saving.
Reduction of resin usage in production
Use of hot runners in molds for making upper housing in order to reduce mill ends.
Consideration for the Environment
*2 Compared to Hitachi CP-A100 ultra-short throw projector on the basis of one carton box.*1 RoHS is the acronym of "DIRECTIVE 2002/95/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 January 2003 on the restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment".

Ultimate Short Throw LCD Projectors

Ultimate Interactive Short Throw LCD Projectors

Ultimate Short Throw LCD Projectors


WXGA 2,500 Lumens


XGA 3,000 Lumens


XGA 2,200 LumensWXGA 2,500 Lumens


345mm (13.6")303mm (11.9")192mm (7.6")130mm (5.1")72mm (2.8")308mm (12.1")
(3.3")124mm(4.9")Supplied Cable Cover and Wall Mount UnitCP-A301N/CP-A301NM/CP-A221N/CP-A221NMCP-AW2519N/CP-AW2519NM/CP-AW251N/CP-AW251NMCP-AW251N/CP-AW251NMCP-A301N/CP-A301NMCP-A221N/CP-A221NMCP-AW251N/CP-AW251NMCP-A301N/CP-A301NMCP-A221N/CP-A221NMCable coverCable coverCP-AW2519N/CP-AW2519NMCP-AW2519N/CP-AW2519NM
Optional with CP-AW2519N/CP-AW251N/ CP-A301N/CP-A221N.Wall mount unit (HAS-K250)
Screen Size (16:10 Screen)60 type (inch), 1.5m70 type (inch), 1.8m80 type (inch), 2.0m90 type (inch), 2.3m100 type (inch), 2.5m
0.120m (4.7")0.188m (7.4")0.256m (10.1")0.324m (12.8")0.392m (15.4")
0.426m (16.8")0.494m (19.5")0.562m (22.1")0.631m (24.8")0.699m (27.5")
0.295m (11.6")0.332m (13.1")0.369m (14.5")0.407m (16.0")0.444m (17.5")
1.102m (43.4")1.274m (50.2")1.446m (56.9")1.618m (63.7")1.791m (70.5")• Final specifications may vary slightly.• Manufacturer’s recommended size is 60 type (inch), 1.5m – 100 type (inch), 2.5m.• Tolerance 8% (for projection distance a2)
Screen Size (4:3 Screen)60 type (inch), 1.5m70 type (inch), 1.8m80 type (inch), 2.0m90 type (inch), 2.3m100 type (inch), 2.5m
0.096m (3.8")0.161m (6.3")0.225m (8.9")0.289m (11.4")0.353m (13.9")
0.403m (15.9")0.467m (18.4")0.531m (20.9")0.596m (23.4")0.660m (26.0")
0.281m (11.1")0.317m (12.5")0.352m (13.9")0.387m (15.2")0.423m (16.6")
1.196m (47.1")1.384m (54.5")1.571m (61.9")1.759m (69.2")1.947m (76.6")
Printed in Japan
NM-E367 1111
Hitachi America, Ltd., Digital Media Division, Business Solutions Group 900 Hitachi Way, Chula Vista, CA 91914-3556, U.S.A. and Canada
Tel: +1-800-HITACHI Fax: +1-619-591-5418
Hitachi Home Electronics Asia (S) Pte. Ltd. 438A Alexandra Road #01-01/02/03, Alexandra Technopark, Singapore 119967
Tel: +65-6536-2520 Fax: +65-6536-2521
Hitachi Sales (Malaysia) Sdn. Berhad (11543-V) Lot 12, Jalan Kemajuan, Bangi Industrial Estate, 43650 Bandar Baru Bangi, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia.
Tel: +60-3-8926-4168 Fax: +60-3-8926-3013
Hitachi Sales (Thailand), Ltd. 994 Soi Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55 Road, Klongtonnua, Vadhana Bangkok 10110, Thailand
Tel: +66-2381-8381-98 Fax: +66-2381-0210/2381-0021
Hitachi (Hong Kong), Ltd. 18th Floor, Ever Gain Centre, 28 On Muk Street, Shatin, N.T., Hong Kong Tel: +852-2113-8883 Fax: +852-2783-4178
Hitachi Sales Corp. of Taiwan 2nd Floor, No.65, Nanking East Road, Section 3, Taipei 104, Taiwan Tel: +886-2-2516-0500 Fax: +886-2-2516-1501
Hitachi Australia Pty Ltd. Level 3, 82 Waterloo Road, North Ryde, NSW 2113, Australia Tel: +61-2-9888-4100 Fax: +61-2-9888-4188
Hitachi Europe Ltd. Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8YA, UK Tel: +44-1628-585000 Fax: +44-1628-585163
Optional Tabletop Use KitFixing clamp• Can be used for tables 25-50mm (1”-2”) thick.Tabletop use kit (TT-251)• Projected image is a simulation.

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Hitachi CP-AW251NM especificações

Abaixo encontrará as especificações do produto e as especificações do manual do Hitachi CP-AW251NM.

Não precisa de comprar altifalantes externos para obter um áudio de qualidade. Com altifalantes integrados, basta ligar ...
Com as portas DVI e HDMI, este monitor oferece visuais HD brilhantes através de uma conexão digital suave. * *Conteúdo d...
A comodidade na palma da sua mão, com um telecomando que torna o controlo do seu monitor mais fácil do que nunca.
Marca Hitachi
Modelo CP-AW251NM | CP-AW251NM
Produto Projetor
EAN 0050585152700, 4902530930719
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo Ficha de dados (PDF)
Luminosidade do projector 2500 ANSI lumens
Tecnologia da projecção LCD
Resolução nativa do projetor WXGA (1280x800)
Compatibilidade do tamanho do ecrã 60 - 100 "
Proporção de imagem nativa -
Proporções de imagem suportadas 16:10
Distância de projecção - m
Rácio de contraste (típico) 2000:1
Número de cores 16,78 milhões de cores
Brilho do projetor (modo económico) 1700 ANSI lumens
Correção de gama digital Sim
Tamanho matrix 0.59 "
Tipo matrix 3-panel (p-Si TFT activo)
Sistema de lente
Rácio de zoom -
Comprimento focal - mm
Índice de projecção 0.3:1
Fonte de luz
Vida útil da fonte de luz 3000 h
Potência da lâmpada 210 W
Tipo de lâmpada UHB
Vida útil da fonte de luz (modo económico) 5000 h
Quantidade de lâmpadas 1 lâmpada(s)
Tipo de fonte de luz Lâmpada
Formato de sistema de sinal analógico NTSC,NTSC 4.43,PAL,PAL M,PAL N,SECAM
Full HD Não
Compatibilidade 3D -
Resolução de gráficos suportados 1024 x 768 (XGA),1280 x 1024 (SXGA),1280 x 768 (WXGA),1440 x 900 (WXGA+),1600 x 1200 (UXGA),1680 x 1050 (WSXGA+),640 x 480 (VGA),800 x 600 (SVGA)
Modos de vídeos suportados 1080i,1080p,480i,480p,576i,720p
Altifalantes incorporados Sim
Classificação de Energia RMS 10 W
Visor incorporado -
Quantidade de portas VGA 3
Quantidade de portas HDMI 1
Quantidade de portas USB 2.0 2
Entrada vídeo composto 1
Entrada áudio (L,R) 4
Áudio (L,R) saída 1
Scan progressivo Sim
Quantidade de entradas S-Video 1
Componente de entrada vídeo (YPbPr/YCbCr) -
Porta DVI Não
Tipo de interface em série RS-232
Quantidade de portas Ethernet LAN (RJ-45) 1
Ethernet LAN Sim
Wi-Fi Não
Outras características
Porta RS-232 1
Mídia de armazenamento
Leitor de cartões integrado Não
Redução de ruído Sim
Nível de ruído 35 dB
Nível de ruído (modo económico) 29 dB
Plug and Play Sim
On Screen Display (OSD) Sim
Filtro de ar Sim
Certificação UL60950-1/C-UL, FCC Part 15 Class A, CE, AS/NZS CISPR22 Class A
Cor do produto Branco
Slot para cabo de segurança Sim
Indicadores LED Sim
Tipo de slot de cadeado antirroubo Kensington
Localização Teto
Gestão de energia
Fonte de alimentação AC
Consumo de energia (típico) 300 W
Consumo de energia (standby) 0.3 W
Voltagem de entrada AC 100 - 240 V
Pesos e dimensões
Peso 3800 g
Largura 345 mm
Profundidade 303 mm
Altura 85 mm
Conteúdo da embalagem
Controlo remoto incluído Sim
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