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  • Gigaset C610-C610A, QUG, Grossbritannien, A31008-M2325-L101-1-7643
    GIGASET HELPLINE: 0845 3670812
    Quick Start Guide
    Pack contents
    If you have purchased a model
    with multiple handsets the
    package should contain two bat-
    teries, a battery cover, a belt clip
    and a charging cradle
    9 with
    mains adapter
    J for each addi-
    tional handset.
    1 one Gigaset C610A base
    2 one mains adapter
    3 one Gigaset C610H handset
    4 one phone cord
    5 two batteries
    6 one battery cover
    7 one belt clip
    8 one user guide
    plus one quick start guide
    Connecting the base station
    ¤ First connect
    the mains
    ¤ Then connect
    the telephone
    2 and
    insert the
    cables into the
    cable ducts.
    Please note:
    u The mains
    adapter must always be connected, as the phone will not operate without a
    mains connection.
    u Only use the mains adapter and phone cord supplied. Pin connections on tele-
    phone cables can vary.
    u The LED display should light up at the base station. If not, please
    ensure the power lead is fully inserted.
    Connecting the charging cradle (if included)
    ¤ Plug the mains adapter into the plug
    ¤ Connect the flat plug from the mains
    If you need to disconnect the plug from the charg-
    ing cradle, press the release button
    3 and discon-
    nect the plug
    Final check list
    To ensure your product is set up correctly please check the
    u Have you used phone cord supplied
    u Have you fully inserted the power cable into base station
    u Have you inserted batteries correctly
    u Have you charged the batteries for 10 hours
    u Have you set up Date/Time
    For a dial tone press the call button c for approx. 2 seconds. Short press opens
    redial list.
    Message Indication Key
    f on handset will flash to indicate one or all of the following
    u missed calls (if caller ID is enabled for your line numbers will be shown)
    u new messages on the answering machine (also indicated by flashing message
    counter on base station)
    u new Text messages (SMS) received
    If you have problems setting up or operation this product please call
    0845 3670812
    Issued by
    Gigaset Communications GmbH
    Frankenstr. 2a. D-46395 Bocholt
    © Gigaset Communications GmbH 2011
    All rights reserved. Subject to availability.
    Rights of modification reserved.
    Preparing the handset
    Initial charging and discharging of the batteries
    The correct charge level can only be displayed if the batteries are first fully charged
    and discharged.
    ¤ Insert the batteries the right
    way round.
    The polarity is indicated in/on
    the battery compartment.
    ¤ First insert the battery cover at
    the top
    ¤ Then press the cover b until it
    clicks into place.
    If you need to open the battery cover, for
    instance to replace the batteries, place
    your fingertip in the cavity on the casing
    and pull the battery cover upwards.
    ¤ Place the handset in the base/charging cradle for
    10 hours.
    ¤ Then remove the handset
    from the base/charging cradle
    and do not replace it until the
    batteries are fully discharged.
    10 h
    Setting the date and time
    Set the date and time so that the correct date and time can be assigned to incoming
    calls, and so that the alarm can be used.
    ¤ Press the key below §Time§ on the
    screen display to open the input
    The Date/Time submenu is shown on
    the display.
    ¤ The active input position flashes.
    Enter day, month and year as an
    8-digit number via the keypad,
    e.g. 4Q
    for 14/10/2011.
    Calls Time
    Press the right or left control key to
    change the input position and cor-
    rect an entry.
    ¤ Enter the hours and minutes as
    four digit numbers via the keypad,
    e.g. QM5 for 07:15 am.
    Change the input position with
    the control key if necessary.
    ¤ Press down on the control key to switch to the
    time input field.
    Setting the date and time
    Display in idle status
    u Reception signal between the base and handset:
    good to poor: ÐiÑÒ
    –no reception: | flashes
    Green: Eco Mode activated
    : answering machine is activated
    u Battery charge status:
    yy{{ (empty to full)
    y flashes red: batteries almost empty
    xyx{x{ (charging)
    u INT 1: Internal name of the handset
    If Eco Mode+ is activated, the ¼ icon is displayed in
    the top left (see chapter “ECO DECT” of user manual.
    ¤ Press the key below §Save§ on the display
    screen to confirm your entry.
    The display shows Saved. You will hear a con-
    firmation tone and the handset will automat-
    ically return to idle status.
    Back Save
    i Ã
    INT 1 14 Oct
    Calls SMS
    Frequently asked questions
    Q: There is no dial tone.
    A: Press call button for 2 seconds (long press) to obtain dial tone. A short press opens
    the redial list.
    Q: The line is crackling / not clear.
    A: Have you used the new line cable provided? Please do not use an old cable.
    Q: Message indicator flashing on handset and I cannot retrieve my message.
    A: Message indicator will flash to indicate missed call as well as new message or text
    Please check it is not indicating a new missed call or text message.
    Q: The caller ID is not functioning.
    A: Have you subscribed to this service (CLIP) from your provider?
    Q: Can I record my own announcement on the answer machine.
    A: Yes. Please refer to Chapter
    Operating the answer machine of the Gigaset C610A base station”
    of your user manual (p. 47).
    Q: The display is not clear.
    A: The display is protected by a plastic film, please make sure you have removed the
    protective film.
    Q: The handset is not registered.
    A: If your handset is not registered, please refer to Chapter “Registering handsets”
    of your user manual (p. 55) to instructions how to register handsets manually.
    For more QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS please refer to chapter “Service (Customer
    Care)” of user manual (p. 69).
Siemens Gigaset C610A

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Marca Siemens
Modelo Gigaset C610A
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EAN 4250366823218
Língua Inglês
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