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SilverCrest DTL+ 1026
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Kitchen tools
DTL + 1026
User‘s manual
Double Door Refrigerator
User‘s manual

Double Door Refrigerator

with 4-star-freezer

Important document! Please, keep for proof of purchase with 3 years.

Notes for dishwashers:
If you would like to build in your dishwasher under a working top and to this end possibly remove
the supplied working top of the appliance, you must attach a vapour protection strip to the bottom
side of your kitchen working top. This is necessary in order to avoid damages to the kitchen work-
ing top due to vapours/humidity during the drying process (with the appliance door open). The
outlet hose must be laid in accordance with the instruction manual of the appliance, in order to
ensure the best possible operation of the appliance. Always ensure that after lling the softening
salt container there are no salt residues in your dishwasher. Therefore, after each salt lling a
main wash must be run. (Risk of corrosion – forfeiture of the claims under guarantee)
The following extended conditions apply to our build-in appliances. Ensure that you only build 6.
in your appliance into suitable furniture. Therefore, by all means, read the attached installa-
tion instructions rst. Do not screw the appliance on the sides. Only use the anchorage points
described. Also, ensure sufcient cooling for your build-in appliances. Damages, which occur
due to improper installation and/or wrong adjustment of the doors to the appliance or the cool-
ing/freezing cargo, are not covered in our warranty.
Limitation of the warranty in the event of noise development: Any noises emerging in the 7.
cooling and freezing appliances do not result in a claim under guarantee. This includes all
noises, as they occur in the usual operation. e.g. running noises of the compressor but also
of the cooling agent cycle are common. This also applies to all build-in appliances, as due to
the tting into furniture noises may be intensied. Claims under guarantee are only valid for
appliances that are noisier than we have stated.
You must give proof of purchase. To this end, the original receipt is sufcient. Without proof 8.
of purchase, we can unfortunately not provide any free warranty services. We recommend
keeping the original packaging in order to guarantee the safe transport of the appliance in the
event of a warranty claim.
The warranty expires if you or an unauthorised third party has opened the appliance and/or 9.
has made changes to the appliance.
There is no claim under guarantee:10.
in the event of improper handling as well as improper salt lling
in the event of external mechanical damages to the appliance
for transport damages
in the event of wear and tear
for operation and installation faults
in the event of the appliance’s installation in wet rooms or outdoors
for damages, which result from force majeure, water, lightning and excess voltage
for damages to the kitchen working tops if no vapour protection strip was used
for excessive use, in particular for any use other than private use
in the event of non-compliance with the instruction manual
if the appliance does not have a technical fault
if the type labels and/or the series numbers have been removed or if they have been
made illegible
The warranty does not include any further liability on our part, in particular no liability for dam-11.
ages, which did not occur on the appliance itself or which occur due to the failure of the appli-
ance to its repair (e.g. way and handling costs, etc.). However, our legal liability, in particular
according to the Product Liability Act, shall not be limited or excluded thereby.
Any guarantee services we provide do not extend the warranty period of 3 years from the 12.
purchase date, not even regarding any possibly exchanged components.

We would like to wish you fun with your new

domestic appliance!

SilverCrest DTL+ 1026

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