Sony SingStar Party Pack (PS3)

Manual de instruções Sony SingStar Party Pack (PS3)

    Before using this product, carefully read this manual and retain it for future reference.
    These Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones are designed for use with the
    ®2 console and the PLAYSTATION®3 system.
    Product Contents
    • Two Wireless SingStar® Microphones
    • One USB receiver
    • One USB Cable with a Mini-B connector
    • Four AA alkaline batteries
    To avoid potential electric shock or starting a re, do not expose this product to rain
    or moisture.
    This product has been designed with the highest concern for safety. However,
    any electrical device, if used improperly, has the potential for causing re, electric
    shock or personal injury. To ensure accident-free operation, be sure to follow these
    • Observe all warnings, precautions and instructions.
    • Do not use the product if it functions in an abnormal manner.
    This product contains small parts, which, if removed, may be a choking hazard
    to children.
    Use and Handling
    • Do not expose the product to high temperatures, high humidity or direct sunlight.
    • Operate in an environment where temperatures range between 5°C and 35°C.
    • Do not allow liquid or small particles to get into the product.
    • Do not put heavy objects on the product.
    • Never disassemble or modify the product.
    • Do not throw or drop the product, or physically damage it in any way.
    Do not touch the product’s metal parts or insert foreign objects into its USB
    Cleaning the Wireless SingStar® Microphones
    Dust may build up on the product after an extended period of time.
    Before cleaning the product, disconnect it from the PlayStation
    ®2 console or the
    ®3 system for safety.
    • Wipe the product’s surface with a soft, dry cloth.
    The product should be cleaned by an adult, or cleaned under close adult
    Do not use a moistened cloth to clean the product as water may cause it to
    Do not use benzene, paint thinner or other chemicals as these may damage the
    When using a commercially available cleaning cloth, follow the instructions
    supplied with it.
    AA Alkaline Batteries
    • Do not throw the batteries into re.
    Do not carry the batteries with coins or other metallic objects. The batteries
    can generate heat if their positive and negative terminals come into accidental
    contact with metallic objects.
    • Do not mix new batteries with old ones.
    • Do not use dierent types of battery together.
    When you are not going to use the product for a long time, remove the batteries
    to avoid damage from battery leakage and corrosion.
    If battery leakage occurs, wipe o any deposit and install new batteries. If the
    deposit sticks to you, wipe it o thoroughly.
    Connecting the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones
    USB receiver
    Connect the USB receiver to the PlayStation
    ®2 console or the PLAYSTATION®3
    system using the USB Cable.
    Turn on the PlayStation
    ®2 console or the PLAYSTATION®3 system.
    Wireless SingStar® Microphones
    Before using a Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone, carefully remove its battery
    cover and insert two AA alkaline batteries (supplied). Ensure that the ribbon
    inside the battery compartment lies beneath the batteries and that its loose
    end projects from under them. This will make it easier to remove the batteries
    when they run out.
    To turn a Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone on, push the POWER/LOCK switch
    briey towards the POWER position.
    When a Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone is activated, its LED indicator will glow
    red to indicate that it is connecting to a USB receiver.
    When a connection is achieved, the LED indicator on the Wireless SingStar
    Microphone will glow green.
    To turn a Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone o, push the POWER/LOCK switch
    towards the POWER position and hold it there briey before releasing it. The
    Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone’s LED indicator will turn o.
    NOTE: A Wireless SingStar® Microphone will turn off automatically if left idle for
    15 minutes.
    When using a Wireless SingStar® Microphone, push the POWER/LOCK switch
    into the LOCK position to make sure it does not turn o accidentally.
    Pairing the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones
    Two wireless devices are said to be paired when they recognise each other and are
    able to wirelessly connect to each other automatically. These Wireless SingStar
    Microphones have already been paired with the supplied USB receiver. If a
    replacement Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone is introduced, it must be paired with
    the USB receiver.
    Ensure that the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones are turned o before pairing
    Push the POWER/LOCK switch on one of the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones
    into the POWER position and hold it for four seconds. The LED indicator will glow
    green and then turn o. When the LED indicator turns o, release the POWER/
    LOCK switch and the LED indicator will ash green to indicate that the Wireless
    ® Microphone is in pairing mode. Be sure to perform this operation
    within two metres of the USB receiver.
    Press and hold the BIND button on the USB receiver for four seconds. When
    its LED indicator glows green, release the BIND button and the LED indicator
    will ash green to indicate that the USB receiver is pairing with the Wireless
    ® Microphone.
    When the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone has paired successfully with the USB
    receiver, the LED indicators on both the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone and the
    USB receiver will glow green.
    • Repeat the pairing process with the second Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphone.
    The USB receiver will pair with a maximum of two Wireless SingStar
    Using the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones
    During use, ensure that the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones are within approximately
    ve metres of the PlayStation
    ®2 console or the PLAYSTATION®3 system. To ensure
    the best connection between the Wireless SingStar
    ® Microphones and the USB
    receiver, do not cover the microphone antennas during use.
    The usage and function of the product may vary depending on the software in use.
    See the appropriate software manual for details.
    LED indicator
    POWER/LOCK switch
    LED indicator
    battery cover
    BIND button
    USB connector
    NOTE: When battery power is low, the LED indicator on the Wireless SingStar®
    Microphone will dim.
Sony SingStar Party Pack (PS3)

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Sony SingStar Party Pack (PS3) especificações

Marca Sony
Modelo SingStar Party Pack (PS3)
Produto Jogo
EAN 711719263555, 711719274612
Língua Inglês
Tipo de arquivo PDF
Plataforma PlayStation 3
Género do jogo Música
Classificação ESRB -
Programadores London Studios
Data de lançamento 25/11/2011
Classificação PEGI 12
Versão de idioma Inglês
Editor SCEE
Modo multijogador

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